See a flash, dash inside: Huntsville, Nashville NWS forecasters pioneer lightning safety for the deaf and hard of hearing community

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No doubt you have heard the phrase "When thunder roars, go indoors."

But what if you or a loved one is deaf or hard of hearing? The "roar" part of the slogan doesn't work -- what should those who can't hear well (or at all) do?

That is what National Weather Service meteorologists Jennifer Saari and Trevor Boucher pondered.

While it is wonderful that many people have heard the weather safety messaging to take shelter in the presence of thunder, for those who can't hear the rumbles, they may not be aware of the danger that may be developing nearby.

In order to increase lightning safety awareness for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, Saari (who works in Huntsville) and Boucher (who works in Nashville) collaborated with colleagues at NOAA as well as Deaf and Hard of Hearing programs to produce easy-to-remember information that helps encourage those individuals to stay safe during thunderstorms.

As a result, the campaign slogan "See a flash, dash inside" was created with this particular community in mind. In addition, NOAA partnered with Daisy Rivenbark, a deaf services specialist with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services to create a public service announcement (PSA) video that has complete, closed-captioned text as well as sign language throughout the entirety of the video (see below).

Knowing critical lightning safety information is important for everyone, especially in the summer months when thunderstorms become more numerous. If you know someone who is deaf or hard of hearing, be sure to share this resource with them.

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