Light accumulations of snow possible Monday, Tuesday

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Forecast radar valid Monday afternoon at 5 p.m. (Image: WHNT News 19)

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)– There is one milder day left in the short-term forecast before we see sharply colder air return to the Tennessee Valley.

Sunday will be a mostly sunny day with a high in the middle 50s.

A strong cold front arrives early Monday morning, prompting the change to much colder weather. Temperatures hold in the middle and upper 30s much of the day Monday with a gusty west-northwest wind between 15 and 30 miles per hour. That will make it feel like it’s in the 20s all day long. Tuesday will be equally as cold; many communities will not get above freezing Tuesday afternoon, and it will be just as windy.

As the cold air arrives early Monday morning, don’t be surprised if a few rain showers fall instead of snow showers.

Within the colder air mass, we expect scattered snow showers and flurries both Monday and Tuesday afternoon. Communities in the higher terrain of Madison, Jackson, Marshall, DeKalb, Franklin (TN), Moore and Lincoln Counties have the best odds of seeing light accumulations of snow. Even in these areas, totals will not be uniform– meaning some get more than others.

Possible snow accumulation between Monday morning and Tuesday night (Image: WHNT News 19)
Possible snow accumulation between Monday morning and Tuesday night (Image: WHNT News 19)

This is not a classic winter storm. Typically, we have a surface low tracking to our south pumping in a lot of moisture into a very cold airmass. We don’t have that this time, so that’s why we don’t expect that usual zone or band of heavier snow.

The system early next week will be driven more so by very cold air aloft. In the afternoon, as the lower part of the atmosphere warms (relative to higher up), instability forms and that will cause scattered snow showers to develop. (Think random showers and downpours on a summer afternoon).

This is also not a case where it will snow continuously for two days. Disruptions in travel should be fairly limited and/or temporary, except in the areas listed above where minor accumulations are possible.

Information in this post may become outdated before Monday. Please read our forecast discussion for our latest thoughts on the weather where you live.

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