There are a few words that we could use to describe June dry, hot, and humid! Everyone across the Tennessee Valley saw a deficit when it came to rainfall, especially in Athens and Muscle Shoals. By the end of June, the majority of the area was experiencing ‘Abnormally Dry’ conditions while others were seeing ‘Moderate Drought’ conditions. If you have spent time outdoors you have probably noticed the impact little rainfall has had on both plants and crops.

When it comes to temperatures, June was hot and humid. The average temperature, which includes highs and lows, for Huntsville was 80.6 degrees; 2.2 degrees above normal. The above-average temperatures occurred all across the area. We saw consecutive days of 90+ degree days with Muscle Shoals seeing the first 100-degree day of the year!

In Huntsville, there were a total of 21 days of 90+ degree high temperatures, the hottest occurred on June 22nd when the high was 99 degrees. The average high temperature for Huntsville was 91.9 degrees, making June 2022 the 16th warmest on record. Some other locations that experienced warmer than average temperatures were Athens, Decatur, & Muscle Shoals.

When it comes to rainfall, the entire Tennessee Valley saw a significant deficit during the month of June. Two areas that saw the lowest rainfall were Athens and Decatur were less than an inch fell. Looking closer at the Athens area, this year was the driest June on record. The Huntsville area saw a total of 1.77 inches of rain. Although it was dry, it wasn’t the driest June on record.

Heading into the first week of July, the entire area will have the potential to see rainfall. The rain activity will be scattered in coverage though, meaning some will see rain while others won’t.