July Heat Not Far Off

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We’ve had a bit of a reprieve from the heat so far in July. It’s been hot, sure; but not as hot as we’d expect. That changes as we head into next week.

High pressure builds over the Central and Eastern parts of the U.S. next week, leading to more hot and humid weather, and some of the hottest weather so far in July for those of us in North Alabama.

This pattern is more like what we would expect for July. This will bring temperatures back to or above normal for next week.

We don’t expect triple digit heat, but it will feel like that when you factor in the humidity next week.

Hottest Air Out West For Now – Highs Thursday Through Sunday are BRUTAL out west!

When we get high pressure to build in like this over the Central U.S. this time of year, we often have to watch the Gulf for potential development too. The forecast models don’t show anything significant yet, but don’t be shocked if we’ve got another “area to watch” in the Gulf or Western Caribbean in the next 6-12 days.

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