July Arrives – What to Expect?

The Weather Authority
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July is here and the high heat and humidity continues. Daily afternoon storms are possible, but July can bring a few surprises as well. Here is a look at the climate data:

July is typically the second driest month of the year behind October. July averages 3.61″ while October averages 3.59″ respectively. Of course, it’s difficult to pinpoint where the heaviest storms are each afternoon. Some neighborhoods get soaked while others see little to nothing. We ended June well below the average of 4.29″, though parts of the viewing area saw more than that. We’ll see where storms pop up this week. Hopefully, they won’t be too widespread with the 4th of July right around the corner.

July 4th is Thursday. Rain chances are 30%.

Of course, past years don’t guarantee anything, but it’s fun to look back on what we have had since 2016 in the month of July. The last two years haven’t been anything too surprising. Ten total days with temperatures at or above 95° and nothing in the triple-digit category. But check out 2016! We had 18 days with highs at or above 95° and one day at 100°F.

In my Facebook memories recently, we had a high of 105°F in Huntsville on June 30, 2012. Matter of fact, we had a stretch that week where we were over 100°F several days. Historically late July into early August is in the hottest part of the summer in the Tennessee Valley. We’ll see what happens in the coming weeks! On a side note, the tropics are quiet for now. Lots of dust coming off the coast of Africa provides some spectacular sunsets!

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