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Temperatures have been well-above average in the month of July across the Tennessee Valley, and that includes Huntsville. In fact, the city has seen 50 days of temperatures at or above 90 degrees. The hottest it’s been so far has been 100 degrees back on July 5. The average number of 90-degree days is 62 for the city.

If you factor in the highs and lows, the average monthly temperature for Huntsville is 84.0 degrees (as of July 27). This makes July 2022 the third-hottest month on record! The top spot goes to August 2007 with an average monthly temperature of 85.7 degrees.

July 2022 is also currently the hottest July on record in Huntsville. With an average monthly temperature of 84.0 degrees (as of July 27). So far July 2022 has surpassed the July of 1930 with an average temperature of 83.9 degrees.

Temperatures are forecast to be in the low to mid-70s in the mornings through the rest of July, and run above average. The highs will range from the low to mid-90s with them cooling a bit below average into the weekend.

We’ll continue to update you on the hottest months as we round out July. In the meantime, always take your heat precautions!