January's coming back! Colder weather blows in within the next week

The Weather Authority

Get ready!  We’re about to go back to weather that’s a little more January-like within the next 7-10 days.  A blast of cold air (modified arctic air) blows in Sunday and drops temperatures to the 20s for lows and 30s/40s for highs starting Sunday through most of next week.

This blast of colder weather does not really indicate a snowy pattern as of now, but we’ll be watching it for signs of winter weather mischief through the end of the month!

How cold will it get?  

It’s a little early to ‘know’ exactly how cold it will get, and it’s also too early to say with any real accuracy that there will be or won’t be any chance of wintry weather.  What this does look like is a good, prolonged cold spell with several nights in the 20s (at least 5-7 mornings below 30ºF) and colder-than-average days (most days coming in below 52ºF through the end of January and several in the upper 30s/lower 40s).

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