ISS inspires athletes and sky watchers alike

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On Saturday morning people were lining up at the Marshall Space Flight Center to race the International Space Station (ISS). “Racin’ the Station” is a Duathlon where participants run/bike 18.2 miles in 91 minutes and 12 seconds, or the amount of time it takes the ISS to complete one full orbit around the Earth.

While this event only comes once a year, you can see the ISS quite often if you know where and when to look. This weekend is a great viewing opportunity, since our skies will be clear during the mornings and evenings.

Kathryn Prociv photographed the ISS passing over Atlanta Saturday morning

First find out when the best viewing opportunity for you is here. The Max height angle is how high in the sky you should be looking. If you hold your fist out on the horizon it will be at about 10 degrees; If you hold your arm straight up it will be at about 90 degrees. It’s best to look for a date and time when the ISS will be higher in the sky because you’ll be able to view it for a longer amount of time. The ISS is the third brightest object in the sky, so as long as skies are clear you should be able to spot it in the coming weeks!


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