Isaias Rapidly Lifts Northeast After Battering Carolinas

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Isaias intensified into a hurricane before landfall last night just after 11 PM near Ocean Isle Beach, the far southern tip of North Carolina. Here’s what it looked like on Ocean Isle Beach as the eyewall pushed storm surge up to a house on the beach.

Surge overtakes an unmanned camera in Ocean Isle Beach, NC.

Minimum pressure recorded by a nearby weather station was 986 mb. The strongest winds, on the eastern side of the storm, pounded Wilmington, NC overnight.

Isaias also brought some of its highest winds to Wilmington, causing damage and power outages. We happened to catch a power flash live last night in our 10 pm newscast.

A power flash can be seen behind Jason in this clip

Isaias has produced multiple tornadoes, some of which have caused significant damage.

Isaias is rapidly moving northeast though. There’s already a mostly clear sky over most of North Carolina as Isaias bears down on the Northeastern US.

Isaias’ fast pace means that flooding is a lower threat, but it also means that a more widespread area feels stronger winds and a more pronounced tornado threat. Isaias will continue to lift northeast, making its way into Canada by Wednesday.

You can track Isaias’ progress here:

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