Improving Weather Through the Weekend

The Weather Authority



We are almost done with the rain. More is in the forecast this afternoon and evening, but it won’t be as heavy as we saw on Thursday. Most areas saw 2-4″ with some spots getting a little more than that. Here are a few totals through Friday morning:


Here is a look a the improving forecast through Saturday. Rain is still possible, but it will be scattered for the rest of the afternoon into the evening. Any wet weather will be isolated through Saturday as cooler and drier air takes over the Tennessee Valley!


Here is a look at that drier pattern this weekend. A cooler northwest flow with breezy conditions are in the forecast on Saturday. Highs only reach the upper 40s with wind gusts over 20 mph Saturday. Look for a chilly start Sunday morning with lows in the upper 20s. Isolated showers are possible next week with seasonal temperatures. Time to head back to school Monday morning with chilly temperatures!

Again for the short-term, rain won’t be as heavy. Please don’t drive where water covers the road. Minor flooding is still possible through this afternoon and evening with improving conditions this weekend. Click here for the latest forecast. 

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