Hurricane Sam To Add Even More To 2021 A.C.E. Total

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2021 has been another active hurricane season so far in the North Atlantic basin. Once again, we’re outpacing the climatological average for Accumulated Cyclone Energy this season.

2021 A.C.E. Outpaces Average

As is often the case with A.C.E., storms that had little effect on land greatly contributed to this season’s total so far.

Hurricane Larry still leads the pack in A.C.E. this year by a wide margin so far. Larry did have some impacts on coastal Canada and Greenland, it didn’t bear its full brunt on a landmass. The storm of the season so far seems to be Ida, which brought significant damage to Louisiana and Mississippi. Hurricane Sam is ongoing, though, and appears to be a storm that will maintain a strong intensity for a very long time, which is exactly how to rack up a large A.C.E. value.

The trend we saw early in the season continues. A.C.E. continues to run above average in the North Atlantic, but lags behind when you take the entire Northern Hemisphere into account thanks to a quieter season in the North Pacific, where the majority of Global A.C.E. is usually generated.

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