In the 2021 hurricane season, there were a total of 21 named storms. The strongest named storm last year was Hurricane Ida. Ida was a category four hurricane, making landfall along the Louisiana coast. The Hurricane Committee announced on April 27th that will be retiring the name “Ida” from the list of names, making it the 12th ‘I’ named storm to be retired. There have been a total of 96 names that have been retired since 1953; when they started naming storms. The name was retired due to the number of individuals who lost their lives and the amount of destruction that occurred.

National Hurricane Preparedness Week

Tropics – Warming Oceans Leading To Earlier Tropical Storms

Above is a look at the costliest Hurricanes in history from 1900 to 2021. Hurricane Ida is the fifth costliest storm on record. Hurricane Ida was the most devastating storm of 2021, with damage costs reaching over 76 billion dollars. The costliest storm on record was set by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The destruction from Hurricane Katrina is still seen today across areas impacted.