Now that August is over, we can take a look at how rainfall and temperature finished and look back at the rest of the summer months, too! For climate record-keeping purposes we use the months of June, July and August as summer.

The average monthly temperature, combining the highs and the lows for August, was 80 degrees. This was 0.5 degrees below average. Rainfall finished at 5.16 inches and was 1.61 inches above average.

In Muscle Shoals, the average monthly temperature for August was 80.9 degrees and 0.4 degrees above average. Rainfall finished 2.41 inches above average.

In Huntsville, the June, July and August monthly temperatures were below average. The city had a temperature of 79.4 degrees for the summer which was 0.7 degrees below average.

The wettest month was August and the driest month was June, with 3.33 inches of rainfall. Summer brought 13.26 inches of rainfall to Huntsville which was 1.16 inches above average.

The hottest temperature was 99 degrees back on August 26th. The coolest temperature (low) was 60 degrees.

In Muscle Shoals, the summer recorded a temperature of 80 degrees which was 0.1 degrees below average. The city also finished 0.69 inches below average on rainfall.

The hottest temperature in the Shoals was 101 degrees and the coolest (low), 60 degrees.