Humidity returns this week, but is it enough to sustain rainfall?

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While it is true that year-to-date rainfall is still running 12 to 15 inches over average, the month of June has featured sparse amounts of rain for the majority of north Alabama. A slim chance of rain is in the forecast for early this week, but those rain chances dry up before next weekend!

The Tennessee Valley has been spoiled lately, with relatively cool and dry mornings featuring lows in the upper 50s and low 60s.

That trend will continue Monday, with a gradual warming to the mid 80s in the afternoon. A slim chance of a shower is possible before midnight Monday night, but the majority of the region will remain dry.

Another chance of rain Tuesday?

A surface low will slowly move west from the Carolina coast to northeast Georgia this week, and it has the potential to push humid air from the Atlantic Ocean into the Tennessee Valley.

The reason for the word “potential” is due to the fact that the air has to go over the Appalachian mountains. When it does so, it is highly likely that the moisture will be “squeezed out” on the windward side of the mountains — in this case, the Carolinas and north Georgia.

If any of that moisture is able to slip past Lookout Mountain, it may provide the fuel for a few showers and storms on Tuesday. However, the rainfall coverage will be very limited, and the rainfall will be brief.

Tuesday’s rainfall chances are rather slim, and they are our best chance for rain over the next several days. And the rainfall totals will be meager — only a tenth to a quarter of an inch, at best.

This is concerning due to the fact that long hours of sunshine and hot temperatures put stress on crops and vegetation. Anyone with farm and garden concerns should plan on irrigating thirsty plants due to the high levels of transpiration.

Speaking of the heat — temperatures are on the rise! After a few days in the lower and middle 80s for the first half of next week, we’ll be back up around 90ºF again with higher humidity toward the weekend.

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