Humidity is back soon, and so are the scattered daily storms…

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Hot, humid weather is the standard this time of year, so enjoy this brief break from the tropical humidity and scorching July heat while you can! Decatur broke a record low Wednesday morning at 58ºF. Huntsville International dropped to 59ºF, and Valley Head as well as Winchester dropped to 55ºF! That’s the first time Huntsville has dropped below 60ºF since May 16th: 70 days ago.

Thursday and Friday start getting a little hotter and a little more humid, but you probably won’t notice the change until the weekend when we’re back in the 90s by day, close to 70ºF at night, and have to dodge a few heat-of-the-day pop-up thunderstorms.

Humidity thickens again: It will be a slow process, but the thick humidity comes back this weekend. A gradual shift from a northeast wind to an east-southeast wind brings in moist air little by little until suddenly that sting of summertime is back.

Both Saturday and Sunday have more sun than clouds and more dry spots than stormy spots; however, we do expect at least a few isolated thunderstorms (mainly south of the Huntsville area) Saturday. A few more may develop on Sunday and Monday (10% chance of any one spot getting wet).

Watching for storms next week: A strong ‘ridge’ (high) builds over the western U.S. this weekend and next week leaving Alabama and Tennessee on the eastern outskirts of a developing heat wave. It’s called the ‘ring of fire:’ not because it’s so hot but because that’s where large clusters of thunderstorms ‘fire up.’

At least one or two of those larger clusters of storms (sometimes we refer to them as ‘MCS’ – meaning mesoscale convective system) will bring rain and stormy weather. Timing is iffy right now, but it appears that Monday night/Tuesday and then again sometime Thursday or early Friday we could get some widespread thunderstorm action. It’s not set in stone, but be ready to alter any outdoor plans if those storms do move this direction!

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