How will February 2019 stack up to the wettest February dates on record?

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Between February 17 and February 24, as much as five to seven inches of rainfall is expected to fall throughout the Tennessee Valley — and some isolated areas may receive as much as nine to twelve inches of rain!

This is a very large amount of rain, especially since it will exceed the monthly February average of 4.84 inches — all within the span of a week.

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But it also posed the question: How does this compare to the wettest February dates on record? The data below was obtained from the National Weather Service climate data for the city of Huntsville.

Wettest February Dates

The greatest single day rainfall in the month of February occurred on February 10, 1994 when a little over 4 inches of rain fell. The top 5 wettest February days involved rainfall that was at least 3.25 inches within 24 hours.

Wettest Februarys on Record (monthly totals)

Though the wettest February day occurred in 1994, the month as a whole only cracked the top three wettest Februarys for Huntsville. In fact, the wettest February occurred in 1939, when 12.52 inches of rain fell throughout the month.

Heavy rain leads to river and creek flooding

With rain in the forecast for nearly every day over the next 10 days, it is concerning to know that local rivers and creeks will likely experience flooding as the runoff rainwater flows into the tributaries.

The National Weather Service released information regarding possible river flooding that will likely occur next week. If you encounter floodwaters, do not attempt to walk, swim or drive through them — instead, turn around and seek higher ground.

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