Across the Tennessee Valley, the month of October ended drier and cooler below average. This has led to the Fall season, so far, being on the cooler and drier side! Climatological Fall includes the months of September, October, and November.

Rainfall totals across the area have ranged from 5.5 inches to nearly 7 inches. Rain totals are calculated by adding the total month’s rainfall for both September and October. When we look at temperatures for a season, we look at the average; this is the combination of both high and low temperatures. So far this season, the average temperature has ranged from 64 degrees to 67 degrees.

October Finishes Drier and Cooler Than Average In Huntsville

Looking at the Huntsville area specifically, it has been a cool season with an average temperature of 66.5 degrees. The normal for September and October is 69.4 degrees meaning the area is nearly 3 degrees cooler. When it comes to rainfall, just under 6 inches have been recorded leading to over an inch for the rain deficit.

What Can We Expect For November?

Heading into the month of November, we truly begin to see cooler air ushered into the region. For the Huntsville area, the average temperature for the month is 52.5 degrees; this is also the case for Muscle Shoals. When it comes to rainfall, totals are around 4 and a quarter inches.

The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) released the monthly precipitation and temperature for the month of November on October 31st. The CPC is forecasting the southeast to see slightly warmer than average temperatures and drier than average conditions. If this were to occur, it could lead to an expansion of drought conditions.