How does this Thanksgiving compare to previous ones?

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Well, this year, Mother Nature decided her dish to pass for Thanksgiving dinner is going to be rain showers for the Tennessee Valley! Although it is going to be a bit rainy, it got me thinking about what past Thanksgiving was like here in the area this past decade, 2010-2020! Was it always mild here or was there a chill in the air?

This past decade temperatures have certainly fluctuated across the area for Thanksgiving. We have seen high temperatures ranging from the low 40s to the upper 70s; 63 percent of the days were above average with 34 percent being below average. Between 2010-2020, the warmest Thanksgiving in the Huntsville area is a tie between 2010 and 2016 when the temperature reached 73 degrees, the coldest was in 2014 when highs only reached 44 degrees.

For the Muscle Shoals area, the warmest Thanksgiving was back in 2010 when the high temperature was 75 degrees; this was 15 degrees above average for that day! The coldest was in 2014 when temperatures reached 45 degrees, this is 15 degrees below average. Even though some dates were warmer than others, similar to Huntsville, 63 percent of days were above average.

In this past decade, we have been lucky to see pretty nice weather for the Holiday, even if some were on the cooler side! The only time we saw rainfall was in 2010, which also corresponds with the warmest Thanksgiving. It was very light rainfall, with locations seeing about half an inch of rain.

Rainy and cool Thanksgiving this year

Thanks to a cold front moving through the region on Thanksgiving, we will have to dodge some rain showers! Rain showers look to move in from west to east by late morning but are forecasted to be out of the region by midnight! Rain activity looks to remain on the light side, but you will certainly want that umbrella handy. Rainfall accumulation looks to remain on the lighter side, with most seeing between 0.25-0.50 inches. Any amount will be beneficial to the area as we are still experiencing a rain deficit near an inch and three quarters for the month of November.

Alright, we talked about the rain chance, but what can we expect temperature-wise? Temperatures tomorrow are forecasted to be near 60 degrees across the area, but dependent on the timing of the cold front passage, temperatures could gradually fall by the evening. Behind this frontal boundary, another burst of cold air will be ushered into the region, which means temperatures will remain on the cool side!

If you are planning on heading out for any Black Friday shopping you will certainly want that jacket handy. Temperatures Friday morning are forecasted to near 30 degrees and will only rise to 50 degrees by the afternoon. Luckily, although there will be a chill in the air, it will be dry and the cloud cover will break apart leading to some sunshine.

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