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“It’s like walking around in a dog’s mouth.”

That’s what WHNT News 19s’ Jeff Gray says about weather like this, and I doubt there’s ever been a better description of it.

One sure bet with weather like this: spotty showers and storms. It’s easy to forecast (and lampoon the weatherman for forecasting) “scattered showers and storms” on a daily basis.

The toughest thing about summer storms is knowing what to do with a forecast like that. Plan for rain? Cancel activities? Keep on keeping on in spite of the chance?

The answer isn’t so simple.

Our rain chance is made up of two primary factors: confidence of rain in this geographic area and coverage in this area. Model guidance helps us determine the odds, but it is not the answer key in the back of the teacher’s manual.

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The best way to deal with a weather pattern like this is to simply be aware that a storm is possible. Information is your friend whether you have outdoor activities like VBS, camps, summer sports, dates with a cool swimming pool, or you are out working hard in the garden/on a farm.

A 24-hour advance warning of a thunderstorm is not yet possible, but you have the power of information in your hand with Live Alert 19. You have an interactive radar with storm tracking capabilities, lightning alerts, any severe weather warnings, short-term forecasts, and a suite of text as well as video updates from the WHNT News 19 team.

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