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Heading into the 4th of July, it is going to be hot and humid with the potential for rain activity! High temperatures Monday are forecasted to the low to mid-90s, but the heat index will be near 100 degrees. If you will be outdoors for an extended period of time make sure to stay hydrated! Along with the heat, summertime showers and storms will develop during the afternoon and evening hours. This activity will be isolated in coverage, but just stay weather aware if you have any outdoor plans!

A hot and humid air mass will remain situated over the region for the coming week! High temperatures are forecasted to reach into the mid to upper 90s, especially by the second half of the week. With dew point values in the mid-70s, it will be feeling very tropical and uncomfortable outside. The high humidity will also lead to heat index values ranging from 100 to 110 degrees.

The hottest temperatures this week are forecasted to be Wednesday through Friday. With the heat index values that are currently forecasted, some heat alerts could be issued. Stick with the Weather Authority for the latest information!

The Heat Index and How It Impacts You

Heat Safety

It is important to know the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. If you think that you or someone else is experiencing symptoms of heat exhaustion you should get to a cool place and try to cool off. If you are experiencing symptoms of heat stroke you should seek emergency medical care.

Take the necessary precautions to protect yourself, your young children, and your pets from this extreme heat. If you have to be outdoors, limit the amount of strenuous work you do. Seek shade or go indoors when needed. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated! Most importantly, never leave a child or animal in a hot car!