The Tennessee Valley has certainly been warm, with highs nearing temperatures normal for mid-June! The heat and the uncomfortable humidity are forecast to stick with us through the weekend.

Here in Huntsville, the earliest 90-degree day or warmer was on March 21st, 1907 when the high reached 90 degrees. When observing the month of May specifically, while we can see temperatures nearing 90 degrees, the normal high temperature for the month is 82.5 degrees; this is the average of high temperatures for the entire month.

On record, the hottest day was on the 27th of 1926 when the temperature reached 99 degrees. The earliest 90-degree day or warmer is May 1st, 2012 when the high was 91 degrees. The warmest day so far this month was Tuesday when the high reached 90.

The strong upper-level ridge in the jet stream keeps its hold on the region. While a trough tries to push east, late week, the ridge is strong enough to fend it off. This will lead to an expansion of the ridge further over the nation by the weekend, spreading warmer air further north.

The Tennessee Valley specifically will continue to see temperatures well above average for this time of year. The coolest day this week will be Thursday when highs are forecast to hit the low 80s before temperatures quickly rise again by the weekend. Temperatures Saturday and Sunday could once again be near 90 degrees.

While we do see temperatures warm into the 90s during May, the temperatures this week are typical for mid-June.