Hot And Humid Again Today, But Relief On The Horizon

The Weather Authority

We’ve got one more day of the summer heat and humidity before things start to feel a bit nicer around here. Highs today climb into the low 90s this afternoon under a sunny sky, but the high humidity brings the heat index into the upper 90s this afternoon. A few spots could see the heat index climb as high as 100°.

I can’t rule out a rogue shower south of the Tennessee River this afternoon, but I think the chance for anything popping up is too low to include a rain chance. 99% or more of us stay dry today. Starting this afternoon, the dewpoint begins to slowly drop, and things start to look a lot more comfortable Tuesday and Wednesday as dewpoints drop into the 50s and low 60s.

Temperatures drop too! We’ll see highs top out in the mid 80s Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Things remain fairly comfortable through Thursday, but by Friday we are back in the 90s and the humidity is trending back up.

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– Alex Puckett

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