It will be a beautiful weekend across the Tennessee Valley! Between the sunshine, mild temperatures, and a light breeze you couldn’t ask for a better one! It is important to note, that with the amount of sunshine we will see it will be important to protect yourself from UV rays!

With the higher angle of the sun along with the longer daylight hours, it is important to take extra precautions to protect yourself from solar radiation. The UV Index value for the Huntsville area, and across the region, is nearing 10. With a value of 10, the risk for elevated levels of solar radiation is higher. What this primarily means is that if you plan to spend an extended amount of time outdoors make sure to apply multiple layers of sunscreen and find shade when needed.

What Is The Ultra Violet Index?

The sun helps provide many things for our planet between light and helping to warm the surface. Here at the surface, we can see the visible light from the sun, but there is also the invisible light that could lead to health problems for some. As light from the sun passes through the atmosphere there is the visible light we can see but also invisibile light. It is the invisible light known as uv rays that can be dangerous to our health.

As the ultraviolet radiation travels through our atmosphere some of it is absorbed. UV light consists of UV-A, UV-B,and UV-C radaition. Our atmosphere is made up of different levels, the stratosphere is very important to us. Within the stratosphere is the ozone layer, which helps absorb some of the UV radiation that is prdocued by the sun. Although this layer is able to absorb some of the radiation, some is still able to make it to the surface. It is these remaining UV rays that could cause health problems.

How To Protect Yourself

There are multiple precautions you can take to protect yourself from these harmful rays. Applying multiple layers of sunscreen can help limit the amount of sunburn to your skin. Some othere things you can do, if you have outdoor plans is to wear protective clothing and seek shade. If you are planning a trip to the beach or even just sitting pool side it is even more important to apply sunscreen. The water will reflect the uv rays increasing your chance for sunburn.