Temperatures dropping, roads getting icy!

The Weather Authority

Monday’s wintry mix is over, but the problems linger as temperatures plummet into the 10s and 20s (and some single digits) tonight. Other than some snow flurries, there’s no more ‘major’ wintry precipitation to worry about tonight.

The worst travel impacts (from widespread ice) will be in Northwest Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi. In Huntsville, Decatur and points east, it looks patchy, hit-or-miss, and uneven. In other words, some will see some ice while others do not.

Wind chill advisory on Tuesday

Monday’s ice was most significant west of the Huntsville area, but both the slick ‘spots’ and the widespread ‘ice-covered’ roads Tuesday morning won’t be thawing quickly. Temperatures stay below freezing all day Tuesday: starting out in the 10s with a wind chill around -5ºF to 5ºF, ending up in the 20s. That’s it. A high between 22ºF and 29ºF. Cold!

A Wednesday warm-up and then another brush with winter

In Lauderdale, Colbert, Franklin, Marion, and Lawrence Counties in Alabama as well as Wayne, Lawrence and Giles Counties in Tennessee, we may not see melting begin for quite some time. A storm system approaches from the south Wednesday: spreading a cold rain into North Alabama again.

At best, temperatures rise to the lower and middle 40s Wednesday afternoon around Huntsville, Decatur eastward to Sand Mountain and Lookout Mountain. In The Shoals and Tennessee where we still have ice-cover, 30s are about the best we can hope for in the afternoon.

It looks like another close call with some wintry weather Wednesday evening into Thursday, though!

That next round of rain is too close to call on another winter weather threat right now for North Alabama. In Tennessee, it’s likely that more snow and ice fall – and accumulate – on Wednesday evening through Thursday morning. The farther north you are (especially in Tennessee), the more likely it is that you could have a wintry mix changing to another healthy snowfall Wednesday night totaling 1-2″ near I-40.

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