Heat Index: how hot is it really going to be?

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The sauna-like summertime weather is here to stay. Huntsville’s high was 95ºF, but the heat index was over 100ºF. Both of those numbers go higher this week as a strong ridge to the west pumps up the heat and moisture from the Gulf of Mexico raises the humidity. (Yes, there’s still room for it to get more humid!)

Need more rain? The chance is slim-to-none through Wednesday. Less rain and fewer clouds mean hotter days: highs 92ºF to 97ºF on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Heat index values may go as high as 105ºF to 108ºF through midweek.

A weak cool front moves in Thursday kicking up some scattered storms and knocking down the heat a touch.

The forecast from Thursday to the weekend depends heavily on how what could become ‘Barry’ develops in the Gulf of Mexico.  A stronger, more compact system would mean less rain and more heat for North Alabama and Tennessee; a weaker, more disorganized system could actually enhance scattered storm coverage around here late this week and this weekend.  There are still some questions to be answered!

Hottest weather of the summer still to come?  Climatology says, ‘Yes.’

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