Hanna Forecast To Become A Hurricane; Gonzalo Struggling In The Atlantic

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The tropics have gotten a bit more active recently. In the Gulf, tropical storm Hanna has gotten much more organized over the past 24 hours. Hanna is expected to continue to gradually intensify as it approaches the Texas coast, with coastal flooding, storm surge, and heavy rains being the biggest threats this system will pose.

Despite Hanna moving away from the Alabama Gulf Coast, additional storms remain likely into next week, and rip currents and heavy surf will remain a threat through this weekend.

Tropical storm Gonzalo is struggling in the Atlantic.
As Gonzalo moves towards the lesser Antilles, it will continue to struggle against dry air and wind shear. Gonzalo will weaken as it moves into the Caribbean. It’s unclear whether Gonzalo will survive past next Tuesday.

While Gonzalo and Hanna are the earliest “G” and “H” named storms on record, the storms that have formed so far have been fairly weak and short lived.

Accumulated cyclone energy in the Atlantic has been just barely above average, and A.C.E. In the northern hemisphere is below average.
Additional development over the next couple of weeks is likely, so we’ll probably be talking about even more storms as we head into August.

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