The month of September is now in the rear-view mirror and a new month is upon us. Looking back at September, the month was overall wetter and cooler than normal.

In Huntsville, the monthly average temperature was 72.9°, which is 2° below our normal September average of 74.9°. Our hottest days last month were on the 20 and 21, both reaching a high of 97°. Our coolest day in September was the 28, with a high of only 73°. The coolest mornings were on the 27 and 28, both with a morning low of 46°.

When it came to rainfall we were slightly above normal for the month in Huntsville. The monthly rainfall total came out to 3.54″, only 0.05″ above the normal average for September of 3.49″. The most rain fell on September 11 with 1.62″. In total there were only nine days in September that received measurable rainfall.

Over in the Shoals, the story was very similar with a cooler and wetter September for the area. Temperatures averaged 73.6° in the Shoals last month. This is 1.1° below the average monthly temperature of 74.7°. The warmest day was September 20 with a high of 98°! While the coolest day was September 28 with a high of only 74°. The coldest morning occurred on September 27, with a low of 47°.

Monthly rainfall came to 3.62″, which is over the normal monthly total of 3.55″ by just 0.07″. The most rain fell on September 4 with a total of 1.16″. In total there were nine days with measurable rainfall.

Looking forward to October, temperatures will start to come down. The monthly average in Huntsville and the Shoals tends to be right around 64°. Daytime highs are typically in the upper 70s and morning lows are right around 52°. October tends to be one of the drier months for both locations. Monthly rainfall in Huntsville is typically around 3.56″ and 3.47″ in the Shoals.