One of the best and most reliable meteor showers of the year will be visible across the Tennessee Valley Monday night, and the weather for viewing looks good!

Geminid Meteor Shower

  • Origin: Asteroid 3200 Phaethon, one of the few asteroids to produce a meteor shower.
  • meteor velocity: ~79,000 mph
  • meteor count: 60 or more meteors per hour are often reported, with bursts of 3-5 or more per minute followed by many minutes of nothing.

Mother Nature looks to cooperate with us who want to stargaze Monday night. The sky will be clear, with only some patchy fog developing after midnight, mainly in the river valleys. It will be chilly though, so be prepared to bundle up if you’re planning on watching the Geminids. The best time to view this meteor shower will be between 2-5 AM, but for those looking to watch at a more reasonable hour, looking north will help you see a few more meteors until the waxing gibbous Moon sets around 2 AM. As always, watching this shower away from city lights will be best. Focus your attention on the darkest part of the sky, and be patient. Meteor showers are often active in bursts, with plenty of lull time in between.