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It was a bitterly cold start to the day across the Tennessee Valley, I’m sure most were like me and had that hot cup of coffee handy! Temperatures across the area fell back into the 20s, which is below average for this time of year. In Huntsville the average low temperature is 39 degrees, the low we had last night was 14 degrees colder than average! Referencing the graphic above, the coldest temperature was Winchester, Tennessee, where they recorded a low of 23 degrees.

The record coldest low temperature here in Huntsville was set back in 1964, where temperatures hit 17 degrees. With the low temperature reaching 25 degrees last night, we tied the 8th coldest on record for November 22nd

Wind chill values Monday night

Now although our actual air temperatures last night dropped into the 20s, the breezy conditions in some locations led to even colder temperatures! The combination of the cold air and the light breeze, at times, lead to a wind chill factor for some locations. This occurred periodically through the night, but at times some locations saw a wind chill value in the teens. This was the case for Huntsville, Meridianville, and Winchester (TN).

How does the bitter cold impact us?

Will these cold nights continue?

7 Day Low-Temperature Trend

You will certainly want to keep those jackets and gloves handy the next seven mornings! Morning temperatures are forecast to remain below are just around average for this time of year, not only here in the Huntsville area but across the Tennessee Valley. Temperatures Tuesday night are forecasted to near 30 degrees, so don’t be surprised if you wake up to frost in your area, but then Wednesday night we will see near-average lows.

This will be short-lived, as a cold front is expected to move through the region of Thanksgiving. The frontal passage will lead to the development of rain showers for the holiday, so make sure to have the rain jackets handy. This frontal system will quickly clear the region by Friday as an area of high pressure builds.

This high pressure will usher dry but cold air back into the region, leading to more cold nights for us. Winds will once again be more northerly helping to usher in the colder air, leading to low temperatures Wednesday night in the upper 20s to near 30. If you are heading out early Friday morning for any Black Friday Deals, you won’t need the umbrella but you will want the jacket gloves and a hot cup of coffee to help keep you toasty warm!