Freezing Fog Could Cause Some Slick Spots Wednesday Morning

The Weather Authority

Dense fog will set up across parts of North Alabama and Southern Tennessee, and with temperatures set to dip into the 20s, that could lead to some icy spots on the roads early Wednesday.

Freezing fog develops as fog becomes super-cooled, and deposits as ice on surfaces below freezing.

This is usually elevated surfaces. That means your car windshield could have some thick frost tomorrow morning that will take time to scrape and defrost. It also means bridges and overpasses could become slick.

Bridges ice before the road, because the cold air can cool the bridge down from the surface and from below. So, you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to get where you need to go this morning. Take things slow on bridges and overpasses in the morning if you find yourself in dense fog.

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– Alex Puckett
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