‘Fred’ weakens to the south, heat blasts again on Thursday

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A HEAT ADVISORY means the apparent temperature is dangerously high (105°F to 107°F) through the afternoon and early evening. Take frequent breaks or avoid strenuous activity outdoors as much as possible! Technically it’s doesn’t include north Alabama. It’s still a good idea to take it easy today! It will still feel like triple digits, but just below the *Heat Advisory* criteria.

Thursday’s weather stays the same: more excessively hot weather thanks to high humidity. Expect a muggy morning in the 70s followed highs in the 90s with a heat index upwards of 103°F by midday and early afternoon. The wet bulb globe temperature for North Alabama gets into the danger zone as early as 10 AM through 6 PM Thursday.

We do see a better chance of some scattered storms Thursday afternoon/evening: the chance up to 30%, some storms potentially heavy, too.

How heavy? In less than three hours Wednesday afternoon, it rained a lot in South Huntsville and northeastern Morgan County:

  • 4.31″ in Lacey’s Spring
  • 3.04″ in Flemington Heights
  • 2.49″ in English Village
  • 1.25″ at the Adams Street Bridge near Huntsville Hospital (Fagan Creek)
  • 0.40″ in Davis Hills

Thursday’s thunderstorm coverage around here stays spotty: some get it, many don’t. The catch is that whatever falls could come down very, very hard.

Friday, the weekend, and beyond

The kind of humidity we have endured this summer is almost off the charts for Alabama and Tennessee. That’s why it has been so stuffy and uncomfortable, and that humidity doesn’t budge for a few more days.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday stay hot and sticky, but a weak cool front stalling nearby over the weekend does raise the odds of some occasional (yet unevenly-spread) showers and storms. Those getting rain cool down significantly; those missing the rain stay hot with highs in the 90s and a heat index near or above 100°F.

Temperatures come down and rain chances stay elevated with the expectation of Tropical Depression Fred’s influence (not impact around here) on Monday and Tuesday.

Fred’s ultimate path northward into the southern United States is questionable, but it does appear that North Alabama will stay on the ‘good’ side of the storm (the western side where severe weather and flooding are less likely). Some daily shower/storm enhancement is possible, and a north/east flow around the remnant low would help cut temperatures and humidity a bit for Monday and Tuesday in particular.

Tropical Depression Fred & the Gulf Coast

The National Hurricane Center outlines Tropical Depression Fred’s future as coming between Cuba and Florida on Saturday and then moving north-northwest toward the Florida Panhandle by Sunday night/Monday.

‘Fred’ gets better organization and intensifies some moving northbound across the eastern Gulf on Sunday; it likely comes inland on the shores of Northwest Florida Monday and then moves north into southeast Alabama and western Georgia. The storm will churn up the surf for the beaches of Alabama and Northwest Florida through the weekend, so be aware of a higher-than-usual rip current and rough surf threat if you are beach-bound.

Heed local beach patrol advice and keep up to date with the forecast for the weather and surf conditions with our Gulf Coast forecast page.

Looking for the rest of the forecast? It’s always online at WHNT.com/Weather and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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