Fogbow spotted Thursday morning in Owens Cross Roads

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Thick fog blanketed the Tennessee Valley Thursday morning, dropping visibility to less than a mile in many locations.

But once the sun rose over the horizon, a few beautiful scene took place in Owens Cross Roads, where Karen Durant spotted a fogbow!

Fogbows form in a similar fashion to rainbows: Sunlight refracts within the water drop, splitting into the different colors that we see.

Sunlight as it passes through a raindrop. (WHNT News 19)

In the case of the fogbow, the source of the water drop is not from rain, but from the fog itself! Fog is a low-lying cloud that consists of tiny water droplets, and if sunlight passes through at just the right angle, a fogbow can form.

Many thanks to Karen Durant for sharing her fogbow photos with WHNT News 19! If you have an interesting photo you would like to share, submit it via the button below or email us at

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