On Tuesday a potent storm system tracked through the region leading to a severe weather outbreak across the South. Here in the Tennessee Valley, the main impacts we saw were heavy rain and damaging winds. These

The environment areas south of north Alabama was more favorable for rotating thunderstorms. Across Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama numerous tornadoes left a path of destruction in its wake. As of Thursday evening, 1 tornado has been confirmed in Louisiana, 9 in Mississippi, and 10 in Alabama. It is important to note that storm surveys are ongoing so this total could change.

North Alabama Damage

Damaging winds led to home damage, power outages, and downed trees across the Tennessee Valley. Wind gusts for some locations were upwards of 60 mph. In Huntsville, the maximum wind gust was measured as 56 mph. The worst damage associated with strong winds occurred in eastern Colbert County. Near the Leighton community, a metal barn’s roof was ripped off along with its siding.

Along with the strong winds, most of the area received a large amount of rainfall. Before this weather event, most of us were experiencing over two inches of rain deficit leading to moderate drought conditions. Communities across our area recorded rain totals anywhere from an inch to four inches. The Tuscumbia community observed the highest with a rain total of 4.19 inches.

Alabama Tornadoes

NWS: EF-1 tornado landed in Greene County during Tuesday night storms

As of Thursday evening, a total of ten tornadoes have been confirmed in Alabama from Tuesday night’s storms. It is important to note that storm surveys are still ongoing. The strength of these tornadoes ranged from EF0 to EF3 strength. The EF3 tornado in Washington County had peak winds of 140 mph.

Of the five, the EF2 tornado led to two fatalities and two injuries in Montgomery County. This tornado carved a damage path of nearly ten miles with peak winds of 120 mph. The two fatalities occurred when a large tree was uprooted and fell on a manufactured home. Several other homes sustained damage and trees were uprooted.