It is going to be another frosty night across the Tennessee Valley. The combination on mainly clear skies and calm winds will contribute to chilly temperatures. Temperatures Sunday night are forecast to drop into 30s, with some of the coldest air being in portions of Tennessee. When you head out the door early Monday make sure you bundle up!

Portions of Franklin, Lincoln, and Moore counties could experience low temperatures in the low to mid 30s. For this reason, a Frost Advisory has been issued from 1 am to 8 am Monday morning. Take the necessary precautions to protect sensitive vegetation.

Earliest Freezes On Record For The Tennessee Valley

First Frost Of The Season

Our area experienced some of the coldest air of the season so far! Temperatures ranged from the low 30s to upper 30s. Some of coldest spots were across southern middle Tennessee; Pulaski and Winchester hit 32 degrees. This cold air supported widespread frost. While it was a cool start temperatures warmed nicely by Saturday afternoon.

How Does Frost Form?

Frost can best be described as the formation of thin ice crystals on a surface. During the day, the sun will heat the surface of the earth. As the sun sets, the warm air will rise and the air right above the surface will begin to cool. As temperatures fall below or near freezing, 32 degrees, ice crystals will begin to form on the surface of vegetation.

Here in northern Alabama, the average first frost occurs before the end of October. The earliest frost on record for Huntsville was on October 9th, 2000.