‘Fire tornado’ spotted in Loyalton, Calif., prompting first tornado warning for the pyrocumulus vortex

The Weather Authority
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A wildfire located in Loyalton, California — about 25 miles northwest of Reno, Nevada — produced pyrocumulus clouds that eventually generated a tornado within on Saturday afternoon.

At approximately 2:50pm Pacific Time Saturday, the National Weather Service in Reno issued a tornado warning the Loyalton Wildfire:

It’s important to note that this is not the first ever firenado to form, but rather the first to have a tornado warning issued for it for the express purposes of warning a pyro-tornado.

In August 2018, the Carr fire near Redding, California also fired up a firenado, which was rated an EF-3 with wind gusts as high as  143 miles per hour.

Below are reports of the pyro-tornado — also known as a ‘fire tornado’ or ‘firenado’ throughout social media.

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