Feeling Fine! Drier air make the heat more bearable in coming days

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Did you notice the change in humidity on Wednesday? The dewpoint – one very good way of measuring how sticky or humid the air is – dropped over 10 degrees in the past 24 hours, and it’s going to drop even more in the next 24 hours!

A chart like that is the best friend of someone sick of summer heat and humidity!  It will still get hot in the afternoons through the weekend, but the lower humidity means we lose that ‘instant sweat’ status and have at least a few hours of comfortable, pleasant weather each day (mainly in the morning and again in the evening).

Dry air also keeps the rain away, so if you need to do some outdoor work – or you just want to be outside for a while, the weather cooperates for the next few days!

High school football: Last week was not exactly a disaster for Football Friday, but heavy storms did make a mark with some lightning delays, wet seats, and sloppy fields.

This week?  This is nice.

It’ll be dry and pleasant for both Thursday and Friday games this week, and although the humidity starts creeping up a little, there’s no immediate, obvious change on the way for Labor Day weekend.

We’ll be keeping tabs on Hurricane Dorian, though.  As of this writing (Wednesday afternoon), Dorian is a threat to Florida’s Atlantic coast Sunday and Monday.

Keep tabs on Dorian with WHNT.com’s Interactive Radar or swipe over to the radar feature on Live Alert 19! By the way, if you’re traveling to an area that could be impacted, Live Alert 19 will give you the clearest, most up-to-date view of the storm’s path and the forecast for wherever you find yourself this weekend and next week!

Looking for the rest of the forecast? It’s always online at WHNT.com/Weather and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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