February’s Back: record warmth to wind chills in the 20s!

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Huntsville and Muscle Shoals blew the records out of the water today as temperatures rose to some of the warmest levels ever seen in the month of February around here. A cold front brings a good chance of some showers and a few thunderstorms this evening; after that, it’s going to get colder quickly.

Our taste of Spring comes crashing down tonight; that strong cold front blasts through dropping temperatures a solid 40 to 45 degrees: 70s to 30s by morning. Add in the wind chill, and it will feel like an even bigger plunge: ‘feels like’ temps between 4 AM and 9 AM from 25ºF to 32ºF.

How cold? This kind of cold snap is standard fare for February; the ‘average’ high is in the low-50s, but the typical range around that is about eleven degrees: 40s to 60s.

So, a cold Friday in the 40s, a freeze Friday night, and a chilly Saturday are all in line with the kind of weather you’d expect this time of year. A warm-up into the 50s and 60s from Sunday into Monday? That’s also pretty ‘normal’ of February weather swings in the South.

Friday is the coldest day, Friday night’s low of 28ºF is the coldest ‘night’ (early Saturday morning), and Saturday looks a little chilly, too.

Weekend outlook: It’s not the worst February weekend we’ve ever had, but it doesn’t look quite as comfortable as last weekend! Expect a chill in the air: highs in the 40s Saturday with sun and clouds, 50s Sunday with more clouds than sun and a chance of some scattered showers mainly in the late morning through the afternoon and evening.

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