Courtesy: James Roberts, Scottsboro, AL

News 19 viewers have been sending in fall foliage pictures from all across the Tennessee Valley and we love them! The weather conditions have been perfect for the leaves to change colors. Some of the most vivid colors come from consecutive warm and sunny days and cool nights. Moisture in the soil can also impact fall leaf colors. A severe summer drought can delay the onset of leaf changing by a few weeks. Luckily, while it has been dry, the drought hasn’t been severe, so we’re already seeing leaf changes. Alabama is home to many maple trees which give off beautiful orange-red colors if it’s a sugar maple. Red maples have red leaves during fall. Black maple trees have bright yellow leaves.

The latest fall foliage report shows patchy color but I imagine we’ll be nearing peak soon.

Check out some amazing fall foliage pictures from across the Tennessee Valley: