There has been some extreme weather in the Tennessee Valley during Veterans Day over the years. Looking back at our local records there have been extremes in temperatures, rainfall, and even some snow in our area.

The warmest Veterans Day was in 1945 with a record daytime high of 81 degrees. In 1935 we had the warmest start to the day, with a morning low of 62 degrees. The coldest came in 1926 with a record morning low of 22 degrees. The coldest daytime high was 38 degrees in 1968.

The wettest Veterans Day was in 1935 with 1.77 inches of rainfall. There was one day when it snowed in Huntsville on Veterans Day. That was back in 1976 with a trace of snow measured.

There is not always crazy weather on Veterans Day. Normally morning lows start out in the low 40s and daytime highs will climb into the upper 60s. Typically we do not see a lot of rainfall on Veterans Day. Normal rainfall totals about 0.12 inches.

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