Expect A Quiet & Cool St. Patrick’s Day Weekend!

The Weather Authority
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The luck of the Irish could be at play: a dry weekend is finally here! That’s right, after five straight weekends with rain the Tennessee Valley will catch a break for St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

Saturday shapes up to be chilly for mid-March, with highs only in the mid 50s – a full 10 degrees below average for this time of year. Some lingering clouds in the afternoon and a breeze up to 10mph – 15mph at times will add to the chill.

If you’re heading out for the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Downtonw Huntsville, you’ll need at least a light jacket. If you plan on staying out late, you’ll need a heavier coat!

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Clouds start to clear out Saturday evening and winds lighten up, both of which will allow temperatures to fall fast! Be ready for lows near freezing by Sunday morning and some light scattered frost.

For the official St. Patrick’s Day holiday on Sunday, our weather gets even better! Temperatures get closer to 60°F under mostly sunny skies. The sunshine paired with light winds will make Sunday a very comfortable end to our weekend!

Feeling Like Ireland? The damp and cold weather we started March with would be closer to what St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland is like.

A constant flow of air coming in off of the Atlantic keeps scattered showers in the forecast about 50% of days across the island.

This year is no different! The weather in Dublin this weekend calls for scattered showers and highs only the 40s.

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