On Tuesday evening strong storms tracked through the Tennessee Valley. Those storms produced heavy rain, hail, and strong winds. One location that experienced damage was in the Elkmont community, where a metal roof of a church was peeled back.

This damage was likely caused by a gust front, ahead of the main thunderstorm cell. A gust front, also known as an outflow boundary, is when cooler air rushes down and out from a thunderstorm. This boundary separates the rain-cooled air of the thunderstorm from the surrounding air and new storm development sometimes occurs.

Above is a look at some of the damage that occurred at the Church of The Living God in Elkmont. A good portion of the metal roof was peeled back with parts of it thrown in the neighboring field.

The Limestone County Emergency Management also reported trees near this area were knocked down as well. When severe weather strikes you can count on the Weather Authority to keep you safe and up to date on information!