NEW ON 4/14/23: The NWS used satellite to determine that another tornado occurred on March 25 around midnight. The tornado occurred in the Bankhead National Forest and was rated an EF1.


NEW 3/30/23: Another tornado was confirmed from last Friday night’s storms. The National Weather Service recently surveyed damage east of Falkville in Morgan County and confirmed an EF2 tornado with winds of 132 mph. The tornado had a path length of almost five miles.

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The National Weather Service in Huntsville has confirmed an additional tornado from Friday night’s storms and updated information regarding the Jackson County EF1 tornado. After surveying damage in DeKalb County Tuesday morning, the NWS was able to confirm that the EF1 tornado that produced damage in Jackson County continued eastward into DeKalb County.

The sixth tornado confirmed from this event was located in Franklin County, Tennessee near the Estill Springs community. This EF1 tornado had maximum sustained winds of 88 mph and traveled almost fifteen and a half miles. This low-end EF1 tornado produced sporadic damage across northern parts of the county. Damage included uprooted trees, minor structural damage to single-family roofs, and small farm buildings experienced minor roof damage.

Below the update on earlier damage surveys.



An additional tornado has been confirmed from Friday night’s severe weather. The combination of damage reported and aerial surveillance from the Jackson County EMA showed damage consistent with an EF1 tornado with maximum winds of 90 mph. This tornado had a nearly six-mile-long damage path uprooting trees, causing damage to chicken house roofs, and minor structural damage.

The addition of the Jackson County tornado brings the total to five for our area. It is important to note that further surveying is planned for this area which could extend the track further east into DeKalb County. The National Weather Service will also be conducting more surveys this week in Estill Springs and South/Central Morgan County.



The National Weather Service (NWS) Office in Huntsville surveyed damage across the Tennessee Valley Saturday after Friday night’s storms. There were a total of three EF2 tornadoes and an EF1 tornado. Along with the confirmed tornadoes, straight-line wind damage of 70-80 mph was found in the city of Florence.

Morgan County Tornadoes:

An EF2 Tornado was been confirmed by the NWS in Morgan County; the Hartselle community was hit the hardest. The EF2 tornado touched down near Upshaw in Lawrence County before crossing over into Morgan County. The tornado had maximum wind speeds of 118 mph. Along the nearly 13.5-mile-long damage path, trees were uprooted and/or snapped, some homes sustained significant structural damage and caused a mobile home was overturned and rolled.

Man dies at hospital after being trapped under overturned trailer during storm

A second tornado touched down in Morgan County, this one was rated to be an EF1. This tornado had maximum winds of 94 mph, producing damage near the Morgan City community. Many of the damage indicators with this tornado were in the form of uprooted trees and minor structural damage.

Lauderdale County Tornado:

An EF2 Tornado was been confirmed in Lauderdale County. The tornado began near Florence and tracked up through the Plantation Springs subdivision. The tornado had maximum winds of 120 mph. The path length was almost four miles, ending near St. Florian.

Reports of damage as strong storms move through the Tennessee Valley

Several roofs of homes in the community were destroyed and the backside of the homes sustained severe damage. The worst damage was at the northeast corner of Plantation Springs Drive.

Lincoln County Tornado:

An EF2 Tornado was been confirmed by the NWS in Lincoln County, Tennessee. The EF2 tornado led to significant damage in Fayetteville and had maximum wind speeds of 118 mph.

The NWS analyzed damage along a nearly 4-mile-long damage path in Lincoln county near the Fayetteville community. Near the Lincoln Medical Center power poles were snapped, debris collided with the building, cars had their windows blown out, and an exterior wall was disconnected but not collapsed.

Another Tornado Confirmed in Lauderdale County (4/5/23)

Another EF-1 tornado was confirmed outside of Anderson. This tornado brought damage to parts of Lauderdale County and had max winds of 97 mph.

This tornado uprooted and snapped numerous trees in the area. Even sending one of those trees crashing down on top of a home. Several homes in the area had minor roof damage, with one home sustaining roof damage with greater than 20% of roofing materials lost.

Another Tornado Confirmed in Lawrence County

Another tornado has been confirmed in southern Lawrence County. This EF-1 tornado touched down in the Bankhead National Forest during the early morning hours of Saturday, March 25. Several trees were uprooted by the tornado along a stretch from Northwest Road and Tompson Creek to near Braziel Creek, where the tornado lifted.