Warmer Air Arrives For Easter and Settles In Through The Week

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We’re getting a fantastic turn around in the weather for Easter Sunday! After a chilly start this morning, a full dose of sunshine will pull high temperatures back into the mid 70s this afternoon.

Day-of Easter egg hunts could still be a little muddy, from the rain that ended last week, but it’s otherwise a perfect spring afternoon! The warmer air, paired with sunny skies and a light breeze will make it feel especially comfortable outside.

Warmer Days Ahead: April’s average high temperature ranges from 70°F at the beginning of the month to 77°F at the end of the month. So far, we’ve been pretty close to hovering around that ‘average’ number in April. The last week of the month will likely tip us just above the ‘official’ average.

An area of high pressure will sweep along the Gulf coast from west to east over the next few days, bringing a taste of warmer air from the west as it does so. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday all have a good chance at bringing 80 degree weather back to the Tennessee Valley.

The end of the week doesn’t bring colder air, but more clouds and rain will likely suppress temperatures back into the 70s.

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