While we’re not expecting a freeze anytime soon in the Tennessee Valley, we are approaching some dates of some of the earliest freezes on record so I thought we’d look into it!

First, the average first freeze dates range from late October through early November, based on your location. Huntsville and Muscle Shoals’ average first freeze is November 2, with records dating from the late 1800s to 2020. Other places like Moulton and Scottsboro see theirs in late October.

However, we know we can see freezes sooner in the fall season. Fayetteville, TN recorded its earliest fall freeze on September 29, 1967. Moulton had its earliest on October 2, 1984. In Huntsville, the earliest fall freeze took place on October 9, 2000.

Stay with the Weather Authority as we update you on the forecast and when we may see temperatures dip to freezing.