There are some local rivers and streams that are flowing at much lower rates than normal. The dry conditions and continuing drought are to blame for lower water levels in parts of the Tennessee Valley.

Much of the area has been experiencing extreme drought conditions for more than a week. Now, parts of Jackson and DeKalb counties are starting to experience exceptional drought, the highest level of drought possible in the drought monitor.

According to Kate Guillet with the National Weather Service in Huntsville, the main rivers like the Tennesee are flowing at normal levels, but tributary rivers are only flowing at 5 to 10 percent of normal. While these smaller tributary rivers may be running low, it would take a lot longer before there would be noticeable impacts on the main-stream rivers.

If the drought continues for much longer and water levels drop significantly, some cities and towns may issue water restrictions. Stay with the Weather Authority for the latest updates on the drought conditions.