Drought conditions continue in north Alabama; no rain in the forecast for the next several days

The Weather Authority
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As of September 5, Huntsville International Airport has registered 6 straight days in which thermometers reached 90 degrees or above. Overall this summer, Huntsville has recorded 73 days of 90+ degree temperatures. The average is 60 days.

In addition, our rain is well below average for portions of north Alabama. Altogether, moderate drought conditions continue to build in the northeast corner of the state. Below is the difference between last week and this week’s drought monitors.

Huntsville International officially reported one week of no rain, but there are areas in Sand Mountain and Lookout Mountain that have yet to receive any measurable rain in weeks, if not months. We’ve only had four official days of measurable rain in Huntsville since August 15.

This time of year, we usually rely on tropical systems to bring heavy rainfall to north Alabama. Unfortunately, Hurricane Dorian will not bring any rain to the region, as the closest rain bands remain a few hundred miles east of the Tennessee Valley.

Hot and dry conditions continue through the next several days. Check the WHNT News 19 forecast discussion for additional updates and details.

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