Moderate To Severe Drought

Drought Monitor (7/7/22)

It’s no surprise to many of us that we’re lacking beneficial rain across the area. While some lawns have gotten torrential downpours this first week of July, many haven’t seen a drop of liquid. It shows in the latest drought monitor. These maps are updated and released every Thursday. Northern Madison County is in a moderate drought and so is much of northwest Alabama. In fact, the far western portion of Lauderdale County is under a severe drought. Rain has been hard to come by. There’s only been 0.02 inches of rain in Huntsville so far this month. The last time the city saw more than one inch of rain was on June 7.

Check out the yearly rainfall summary.

Yearly rainfall summary for Huntsville

Despite the unseasonably dry weather we’ve been experiencing, we’re still ahead on rainfall for the year. March was our wettest month, with 8.62 inches of rain. June and July have been really dry. June averages 4.06 inches in Huntsville. The city was way below average. The average monthly rainfall for the city for July is 4.49 inches.

Here are the month-to-date rainfall totals for both Huntsville and Muscle Shoals.

Month-to-date rainfall

This summer pattern is typical of isolated to scattered thunderstorms either driven by the heating of the day or a cold front. While it can lead to torrential downpours, it’s not the long soaking rain we need. Sometimes we get that during the summer if there’s a tropical system. In the meantime, we’ll hope we can at least get some rain from diurnal thunderstorms to make up for some of the deficit we’ve been having.