Double rainbows and hailstones: Storms bring a wide range of weather to the Valley

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Although temperatures are quite cold for thunderstorms (thermometers have been hovering around 50 degrees all afternoon), lightning and even hail have developed throughout the Tennessee Valley. In fact, there is a cold pocket of air located high above the ground, and that is allowing just enough “instability”, or unstable air, to generate convective thunderstorms — despite the rather chilly temperatures.

Check out this video of hail in Hartselle that Taylor McDonald shared with chief meteorologist Jason Simpson on Facebook.

Although small (just pea-size, and well below severe limits), so much was coming down that it looked like it was accumulating.

A few larger hailstones were spotted in Huntsville.

But the rain was quickly moving east out of the Tennessee Valley, which provided the perfect opportunity for several of you to snap photos of such vibrant single and even double rainbows.

Thank you so much for sharing your videos and photos with us! You are our eyes and ears during active weather, and we really appreciate your reports!

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