Panoply is this weekend, and it has commonly been said that it always rains during the weekend event. However, is it true that it always rains during Panoply?

Looking at the previous weekends when the event would typically be held. That being the last weekend in April, dating all the way back to the first Panoply in 1982. There have been some extremes in the weather during that weekend.

The warmest temperature was 91 degrees back in 2017. The coldest start to the weekend was a morning low of 39 degrees back in 1988. The wettest weekend was 2010 with a single-day rainfall total of 2.6 inches.

It has not rained during every Panoply weekend, but there may be a reason why people associate rain with Panoply. In the history of Panoply, there were 12 weekends where there was no measurable rainfall in Huntsville. That means out of the 36 times that Panoply has been held in person, there has been measurable rainfall for 24 of the weekends.

Statistically, it has rained during 67 percent of Panoply weekends. Only 33 percent of Panoply weekends have been completely dry. This is likely where the association of rain and storms with Panoply comes from. Remember that just because it rains during a Panoply weekend, that does not mean that it is always a washout.