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The last time we had some snowflakes on Easter Weekend (Good Friday in particular) was Friday, April 6, 2007.  Light snow flurries fell as far south as Cullman, Blount and Jefferson Counties, and we wound up with a light freeze in some communities as Easter sunrise dawned that Sunday.

Is this a repeat?  Not exactly, but it’s close!  Our Futurecast suggests, hints at a little, maybe just enough to notice…snowflakes or sleet mixing with scattered showers late Friday night and early Saturday.  There’s practically zero chance of accumulation, but that just goes to show you how cold it is just above our heads!  By midnight, the freezing level will only be about 3,000′ feet above Huntsville, and only about 1500′ above some of the higher ridges in Jackson County, Alabama northward along the plateau into Tennessee.  That’s where some flakes might be seen tonight:

No big deal, but interesting!

Cold at the ground and even colder above our heads: a cold-core upper-air low overhead Friday evening through Saturday morning keeps the weather wet, chilly and breezy for a while longer.  The chill isn’t too extreme for this time of year; ‘average’ lows run around 50ºF to 55ºF in late April. We’ll be about ten degrees below that the next few nights.

Expect lows in the low-40s by sunrise Saturday, and a gray sky will be hard for the sun to break through until mid-to-late afternoon.  Light drizzle and showers may linger through 9 AM; drier air gradually takes over, and some limited sunshine shows up before sunset.  Highs on Saturday?  Only middle/upper 50s with a brisk northwest wind.

Easter Sunday looks fantastic!  Sunrise services will be cold, and it wouldn’t be shocking to see some frost on rooftops and some windshields Sunday morning at 6:07 AM (sunrise).  A light wind and clear sky mean a quick warm-up: to the mid-70s with full sunshine in the afternoon.

Looking for the rest of the forecast? It’s always online at WHNT.com/Weather and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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